Every month we bring in 4 to 5 teams to compete for the crowd vote. The winner gets to come back next month and show a brand new sketch and win a special prize! Check out our entries below.

November 2017

Some Blonde Girl Prod - Inner Voice (Winner)

Will & Alex - Sippy Cup

October 2017

Fine China Comedy - Electric Love

Decent Humans - Wine Night

Some Blonde Girl Prod - C U Later Tuesday (Winner)

Media Tigre - Green Card

September 2017

We're Men - The Laffy Taffy Sketch (Winner)


Wrong Space Films - Cooking with Marty (Winner)

Super Cross Platform - Joystick

SLAP - Sleepless in Seattle

Peachtree Piss Boiz - Slim and Fresh

July 2017

Tyler Falbo - 4th of July BBQ (winner)

#WeWentCamping - SMOKE

Fine China Comedy - ACAI

JUNE 2017

Will and Alex - Quote Unquote Free Speech

Decent Humans - The Three Boobs

May 2017

Tyler Falbo - Brock & Benji (Winner)

Stay Right There - Cast Away

Comfy Productions - Modern Warfam

Black Hipsters - Stay Broke

April 2017

Tyler Falbo - Joel's B-Day Suprise (Winner)

Wrong Space Films - One Last Favor

Sketchworks Comedy - Office Equality

March 2017

Tyler Falbo - Thedore (Winner)

Media Tigre - Art Appreciation

Kelly Lockman - Divorce Papers

Oops Media - Burt Schepley's at the Studio

Black Hipsters - Interview with a Random Person

February 2017

Tyler Falbo - The Wise Man (Winner)

Campaign No Shame - Your Average Gyno Visit

Will & Alex - Game Night

Curio Cinema - How Much?

Outta Towne - Escape Room

January 2017

Stay Right There -  A Family Frame (Winner)

Diego Salazar - Brownies

extra medium. - Randall Johnkins

Tinyhouse Films - My Insecure Boyfriend