Featured Comedy Group:

Each month we give a 10-minute block of the show to a different comedy group. They get to fill the block with several of their un-released sketch comedy films that they make. It differs from the Submission Block in that these videos are outside of competition and are the main attraction of the show for that month. 

The Featured Group for November 2018 is...

Ladie’s Night

mike amber chris.jpg

The Featured Group for October 2018 is...


wonderpony pic.jpg

The Featured Group for September 2018 is...


                                       Eternal Slumber Party

Eternal SLumber Pic.jpg




The Featured Group for August 2018 is...


                                       Secret Menu Comedy

Secret Menu Comedy pic.jpg

Secret Menu Comedy Bio: 

(hot) Chicks and a guy with a camera. It’s not what you think.