Ladie’s Night is a sketch comedy group consisting of three members: Amber, Chris and Mike. The group writes, produces, directs, and edits all of their own content; creating numerous sketches a month, plus various bumper bits.  The sketches are shown at The Village Theatre during a self run, monthly live show that consistently sells out a 130+ seat venue. 

Ladie’s Night was founded in 2015 by Brian Edmond, Zach Lamplugh and Joel Ruiz. In the Winter of 2018, they handed the show off to Amber North, Chris Nikitas and Michael Gorgoglione to carry on the legacy that Atlanta based comedians, actors, writers, filmmakers and audience members have come to love. 

Ladie’s Night has been featured in the Chattanooga Film Festival, Red Clay Comedy Festival, Skull Fest, as well as the 69 Hour Film Fest where the original cast produced ads for the festival's sponsor: Terrapin Beer. The show has had profiles written about them in Creative Loafing,, and the NPR affiliate: WUTC. They have featured stand-up comics such as: James Adomian, TJ Miller, Eddie Pepitone, Adam Cayton-Holland, and Ryan Singer. And as of June 2016, the group has started another monthly show in Chattanooga, TN at Cine-Rama.

Chris Nikitas: The attorney at lawyer

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Chris Nikitas is a New Hampshire born, Tennessee educated, Atlanta-based comedian. He is a Sagittarius, did not like the second season of Heroes on NBC, and is exceptional at Tetris. Remember Tetris? He is also very bad at basketball, but gives great hugs.

Amber north: the biker

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Amber North has consistently performed onstage for four years and is the creator, producer, and Grrrls Nite Out, a monthly female-centric stand-up comedy showcase at Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge, as well as co-host, co-producer, and co-creator of local podcast, What's The Word. She was recently named co-host of Ladie’s Night, one of Atlanta’s most popular monthly stand-up comedy showcases. She has been featured in Creative Loafing,, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Michael Gorgoglione: The momma's boy

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Michael Gorgoglione started his filmmaking career at the age of 18 with a move to Los Angeles and an application to film school. From there he transferred to Chicago so he could simultaneously study comedy improvisation and sketch writing at The Second City and I/O. In 2012, he moved to Atlanta to embrace Georgia's burgeoning film scene. He is a professional cinematographer, editor and producer. He is the DP and editor at Cart Reel Films LLC. Michael was the Writer, Director, and DP of the unconventional feature film Go Mad and Mark which is currently being distributed through Amazon. Click here to check out his movie. Michael has a pet ferret named Pot Roast.

Maria Liatis: The snacker

Maria Liatis is an editor for Ladie’s Night. This show takes a lot of work from all of us to run every month so that’s why we brought Maria on board! She edits sketches, makes fliers, helps out on set directing and running camera and sound. Maria, is an Atlanta based actor and she’s also a writer and producer for a kids content youtube channel.

Brian Emond: The beauty

After attending the University of Cincinnati to study acting, Brian decided to move back to Atlanta to pursue stand-up comedy.  Brian has produced several comedy and variety shows around Atlanta, with Ladie’s Night being the latest.  When he’s not helping write and produce video sketches for the live show, you can catch him performing solo at various venues around the city, including The Laughing Skull Lounge, The Village Theatre, and Star Community Bar.

Joel Ruiz: The chubby one

Professional film editor and videographer going on five years. He has written, produced, and directed over 30 comedy shorts in the last 5 years; generating at least one short monthly since Ladie’s Night debuted a little over a year and a half ago. Before Ladie’s Night, Joel was the showrunner and curator for numerous stand up comedy events in Chattanooga, TN, expanding the scene from one bar having a weekly open mic to several venues booking and featuring national headliners. He worked with and for the comedy scene in Chattanooga for six years before making the move to Atlanta to pursue a career in film.

Zach Lamplugh: The dad

After graduating from the film school at University of Southern Mississippi in 2010, Zach Lamplugh moved to Atlanta to pursue stand-up comedy and filmmaking. He’s been a professional producer and editor for 6 years, and since moving to Atlanta, has shifted his focus to producing as many narrative projects as possible. Zach has had the chance to work as an editor on Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, has also collaborated with the series creators outside of Adult Swim. Over the last 3 years, Zach has written, directed, and edited over 30 comedic shorts, and helped produce over 50.