Every month we bring in 4 to 5 teams to compete for the crowd vote. The winner gets to come back next month and show a brand new sketch and win a special prize! Check out our entries below.

Here are the submission videos we received from 2016.


Stay Right There - Not On My Watch (Winner)

Will Copeland -  A View from the 4th Grade

November 2016

Stay Right There - Ernest & Estelle (Winner)

Campaign No Shame - Clown Shame

Media Tigre - Can Mike Play

October 2016

Strucci Movies - Making of the Baker's Shadow (winner)

Some Blonde Girl Productions - Say Yas to Life!

Sketchworks - Concealed

Fantastic 6 - Super Zero Therapy

Sadie Puppacorn - Beat Off Zika

September 2016

Strucci Movies - The Mannequrse (Winner)

Highwire Comedy - Devastating Life Altering News

Fixin the Sink - Reed Sarney and Kelley Lockman

Decent Humans - Fork & Knives

Going Cheek Productions - MenStroll

August 2016

Vince Gulino - Autopilot

Some Blonde Girl Productions - Happy Happy Birthday 

Sketchworks Comedy - Maybe Baby

Jesus Freak - Gestures Movie House

July 2016

Going Cheek Productions - She Who Must Not Be Named

Hardly Har - Take Care

June 2016

Ian Aber - Misery

Vine Gulino - Jump

May 2016

Laura Scott/Decent Humans - M.A.L.E.

Decent Humans - Lady Justice Pt 2

Tiny House Films - It Stinks

April 2016

Tiny House Films - Tasteful (Winner)

GASM Media - Twisted Phate

Bicycle Day Productions - OkCupid

Sara Gaare - Hollywood of the South

March 2016

Ben Dongarra - Begging for Love (Winner)

Wonder Pony - Men are Dogs

February 2016

extra medium. - Bequeathed

Highwire Comedy - Locker Room Talk

Ben Dongarra - Another Disappointment (Winner)

Sara Gaare - Hollywood of the South

January 2016

extra medium. - Glums! (Winner)

GASM Media - Superman!

Tinyhouse Films - A Chillay

Church Socks - The Proposal

Reddinghill - Thanks for Stopping By S02E01